Our mission, vision & values

FDR vision

In the interest of the persons with dystonia, groundbreaking research aimed at understanding the pathogenesis of dystonia is the only way to develop better diagnostic tools and treatments.

FDR mission

The Foundation for Dystonia Research supports and promotes scientific research on dystonia with the aim to improve diagnosis and therapy, and ultimately, to find a cure for this third most common movement disorder.

FDR values

In carrying out its mission, FDR values:

  • The persons with dystonia

    Improving the quality of life of the people with dystonia is at the heart of our mission.

  • Objectivity, creativity and freedom of mind

    From the researchers supported by FDR, we expect objectivity and creativity in the way they conduct their research. We guarantee them academic freedom in the pursuit of their research objectives.

  • Collaboration, cooperation and networking

    FDR is willing to cooperate with researchers, clinicians, foundations and other organizations that are, without self-interest or personal gain, engaged in the improvement of the lives of people with dystonia.

  • Openness and transparency

    We commit ourselves to communicate and deal with all stakeholders in an open and transparent way. We expect a similar attitude from the individuals and organizations supported by FDR.

  • Efficiency and quality

    FDR aims to be an efficient and highly qualitative organization.